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How to treat color damaged hair?

Treating color damaged hair is simple thanks to Pureology’s Colour Fanatic range. This line offers the best products for dry hair caused by colouring. With ingredients like carmelina, olive and coconut oil, these leave in hair treatments for dry hair will prime, protect and nourish your treated hair. The Colour Fanatic Deep Conditioning hair mask is a perfect moisturizing hair mask for damaged hair as it acts as a deep conditioner that can be used after shampooing. Use a leave-in conditioner like the Instant Conditioning Whipped Hair Cream, to deeply nourish the damaged caused by colour treatments.To protect, rebuild vibrancy and hair’s natural sheen, try using shiny hair products, like the Multi-tasking Hair Beautifier.

How often should you wash color treated hair?

Over-washing tends to dry out hair, and dull down vibrant hair colour. You only need to wash your hair a couple of times a week to begin with, however if colour-treated, 2-3 times a week is enough. Since hair treatments use chemicals that strip the hair cuticle of its protective barrier, and harsh shampoos open up the cuticle to cleanse it, it is important to cut down on opening up the cuticle. Using a shampoo that is gentle and strengthening, with a deep conditioner that will repair the cuticle after being cleansed will help colour-treated hair stay moisturized after washing. Taking a couple of minutes to use a hydrating hair mask while washing hair can add a little extra conditioning and reparation to ensure vibrant healthy locks.

What shampoo to use for color treated hair?

Products in Pureology’s Colour Fanatic range contain UV filters that prevent sun damage, a cause of dry hair and fading colour. This range also contains nutritious oil, such as the antioxydant and deeply moisturizing Camelina oil. Colour-safe shampoos remove residues without scrubbing the hair cuticle, so oil emollients are important to not only hydrate, but lubricate and ensure gentle cleaning. Remembering to use products with no sulfates and parabens will avoid further damage as well. After shampooing, it is advised to use a moisturizing treatment like a hair mask for dry hair, to close and repair hair cuticles. These ingredients will keep your hair fresh-looking and vibrant.



Those with fine hair don't love heavy, super rich products that can weigh hair down. Made with fine-haired 'color fanatics' in mind, this unique, aerated formula dispenses like a mousse, while providing all the benefits and indulgence of a mask, but is weightless for fine hair. This rinse-out mask is formulated with Camelina Oil, it instantly conditions while preserving maximum body and movement.

100% Vegan, Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free, Recyclable 



1. Lightly conditions
2. Does not weigh hair down
3. Helps maintain hair’s movement
4. Helps preserve fine hair’s volume
5. Replaces traditional conditioner
6. Helps provide static control

7. Instantly detangles
8. Helps fortify the hair
9. Helps restore hair’s healthy look
10. Targets damaged areas
11. Helps prevent split ends
12. Helps restore hair’s hydrated feel
13. Leaves hair feeling smooth
14. Helps maintain beautiful color
15. Helps prevent breakage from brushing and combing
16. Defies dryness
17. Contains UV filter
18. Helps optimize colour reflection
19. Softens
20. Helps create silkiness
21. Adds shine

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