About Us | Hush Life

Tina - the OG Hush Babe. 

Our visionary founder, leader, and woman behind our brand! 


In 2017, Tina noticed a gap in how women shop, and she had a bad a$s vision of how she saw the future of shopping for women, and it included stress free and private browsing, pieces that are unique, flattering, eye catching, and on trend… 


Tina herself is a single mom of 2 amazing boys, and runs not only our boutique, but also an amazingly successful hair salon in house. So she fully understands the busy, chaotic life, and wanted a way to make that just a little bit less stressful for her clients. 


She takes exceptional care in what brands come through our door, she builds relationships with all her clients to ensure that when they walk out our door they have a little more swagger than when they walked in. 


Life is not one size fits all, so we strive to carefully curate pieces that inspire and reflect confidence and go from boardroom to school pick up, date night to girls night, the farmers market to hockey practice.. 


If you haven’t come for a private shop with us yet - come see what you’re missing - because we all need a little Hush in our life